Story behind the brand

Gorjio & Ravici was inspired by business entrepreneurs with a drive for success. The high-end clothing brand was established in 2019 by entrepreneur Oussama Chaabane.  


Gorjio & Ravici, was created by a set of values, the power of success and luxury. The High end brand is a combination of our personalities, and our perspective on the outlook of the world, and what we have learned through experiences.   

Our goal is to be a go-to brand for both men and women that want a different, sophisticated, and classy look who enjoys fresh fashion. The purpose our brand is to encourage people with a positive outlook by trying a new-look out of their comfort zone. We want our customers to be confident and comfortable with the quality and comfort of our brand—to be your true, best self.  

Gorjio & Ravici embraces cultural diversity through unisex apparel and every purchase, proceeds will go to families in need.  

Motivation. Success. Generosity. 

Dare to be yourself — Gorjio & Ravici

Gorjio & Ravici – Saluting Success 



Day in and day out, entrepreneurs show up ready to get to work, ready to do whatever it takes to bring their dreams to life. If this describes you, then you are exactly the person for whom we have created Gorjio & Ravici. A luxury fashion brand, Gorjio & Ravici stands for hard work and ingenuity, exactly the values that entrepreneurs exhibit most and better than anyone else, exactly the values that we all need to hold onto in order to make magic happen in the business world. 

Think about your biggest and most daring dream. What does it mean to you? How deeply do you cherish it in your heart? Now, know this: it’s within your reach. No matter how bold your dream is, now matter how outlandish others may think it sounds, you can achieve your dream, as long as you follow through with all the vigor and passion that you can muster. 

Creating unique clothing to fit your go-get-it personality, Gorjio & Ravici is a brand that honors the successful and the ambitious among us. We want you to push forward and keep going. Your ideas are worth pursuing, and your style is worth sharing. 

In addition to producing high-quality clothing that celebrates success, we are also working to give back to the world and help people: for every product that we sell, we are donating a portion of the proceeds to clothe people who are impoverished. Thus, any time you shop with us, you are also making a donation to people in need!